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五年级英语作文 篇1

  My weekend life that is quite wonderful, I always feel that kind of funny.

  First of all, I do not like to sleep late, Saturday, Sunday morning, I got up. In accordance with the practice, of course, is playing badminton. Father and mother can be more miserable, always want to take advantage of the weekend to sleep for a while. But every time I was reluctant to call from the bed, in many sports activities I only like badminton, I do not know why, in short from the early morning has been playing until half past seven to go home for breakfast, every time Is a smelly sweat, but it is not tired, feeling very comfortable.

  And then the work is to deal with those boring tasteless no vitality of the operation of this. Did not go to the weekend all the teachers are great divinity. The tidal work is used to us, ok, but more. So the general can deal with. Soon after the operation even if the break came. But not finished Yeah, I have to complete their own extracurricular tutoring materials to buy, so that day passed on Saturday.

  This freed, the rest of the time I was free to arrange. Most of the time I spent on the computer. Since the language teacher created a "wonderful pen flower" after I opened my own space. Weekly this week to write the story above, a long time, look back, very interesting. And then is concerned about the news, in fact, a lot of news on the site pictures and video is the TV, the newspaper did not. National events, the world news as long as the mouse, you can at a glance. I spent the most time with my computer. Read on the computer is very easy, and now provide a lot of free reading of the famous website, if the book is too wasteful, online reading is really very good, but there is a small problem, that is easy to fatigue, but eventually can overcome of.

  This is my weekend life, very good?

五年级英语作文 篇2

  My teacher is Mrs. teacher, he is a woman teacher. She was very young. High on the bridge of the nose has a pair of water Lingling big eyes, short hair, looked even younger. He knows everything very knowledgeable. He taught us the language, we call a stroke of word painting, he wrote the word can be beautiful. Always happy with a smile on his face when the nest. She angry when we are afraid to look at her front, only dare to look at the blackboard. We do not always angry teacher, we have to study hard.


五年级英语作文 篇3

  A year ago, I moved to another city with my parents, so I had to say goodbye to my friends and the most beautiful place. I had a lot of fun there, I always went to pick up the fruits in the garden and caught the fish in the clear water. I will never forget about everything. When I have vacation, I will come back.


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五年级英语作文 篇6

  These days really hot, the sun hanging like a fire on the head, people shut in the steamer, know also in the tree desperately called "hot dead, hot dead!"

  The pedestrians on the road come and go, you see those people on the head of the beans sweat down the cheeks down the stream.

  The puppy on the roadside was lying on the floor and stretched out his tongue as if he were saying to the pedestrian: "Well!

  Roadside shop business suddenly thrived, the store one next to a place, some people spend money to buy popsicles, shop owner busy in the hot sun, busy sweating.

  Flower beds, flowers are hot eyes can not open, grass can not lift his head, the sun shines from the leaves down to form a small spot.

  On the road waiting for the car, can not stand the head of the sun, are standing under the tree waiting for the car, and some places no trees, they stand under the license plate waiting for the car, at least there are cool place.

  Summer hot very hot, no matter people, things can not stand, listen to the old man said the hotter winter, the more cold, I hope this winter should not be too cold








五年级英语作文 篇7

  This is a story that happened on Sunday. At that time, I do not know how to get hooked. I like to play chess, my mother naturally became my chess friends. That night, my mother and I set out the "battlefield", ready to kill a "die you live." I looked at the board and thought about the first step. Mother is sitting opposite, calmly fight. I think again and again, and finally out of the first step. My mother is also a relatively step, we are so go. The two forces will clash, and I first control the commanding heights, did not think my mother actually avoided my edge, biased a step away. What does it mean? I am nervous about the board. Oh, that's where she wants to ride herself, and then fly through my chess. I quickly blocked, thinking: "how do you see?" Mom smiled, brought a pawn, direct to the top of my position. I am suddenly stunned, and quickly returned to my mother's pawn, anxiously said: "No no, I do not go so, you get back, I go back!" Mother said: "This is not!" I said: Good mother, you let me go back, on a back! "Mom said, but I agreed. I took a step back, my mother had no choice but to step back. I took the pieces and took a step, suddenly found himself there is a step wonderful, very subtle. I hastened to mention the pawn to return, my mother grabbed my hand, said: "I do not want to regret chess." I am very embarrassed, had to give up that step wonderful chess, but secretly pray mother do not see that step. Days do not follow the wishes of the mother happens to see, and took a move, it blocked my army forward. I am so angry enough to hammer chest, but there is no way, had no choice but to sigh.

  This time playing chess, make me feel happy, had an unforgettable happy weekend!