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  初一英语作文 篇1

  In the world of detective novels, Sherlock Holmes is undoubtedly the most famous one. But for me, the greatest detective in novels is Hercule Poirot, a little Belgian who always uses his little grey cells to find the truth.

  I really appreciate him for various reasons, such as his having an insight into other peoples psychology, his understanding on hunman nature and his being merciful. But most improtant thing is that he looks more like a real human being, compared with Holmes or other legend detectives. He has such a funny appearance, an egg-shaped head and exaggerated moustache . He enjoys delicious cuisine and focuses on his own dressing. He is always humor and likes to mock himself. he prefers to stay with young peole for being attracted by their vigor and energy. And there are still so many lovely features of him I can list.

  Anyway, I like him and appreciate him. I always get touched by the philosophy of life in his storys. Hercule Poirot is indeed my favourite detective.

  初一英语作文 篇2

  Young university students are sensible to fashions. Some are keen on following fashions: they use mobile phones of the latest style; they wear stylish clothes; they enjoy popular music.

  Some people are not happy with this phenomenon. They argue that university students should focus on studies rather than on fashions. They say fashions cost so much that university students cannot afford them. Some students follow fashions crazily, for fear of losing face. Fashions have caused much trouble on campus.

  However, others may hold different opinions. They say fashions can drive students to work harder for a better life and broaden their horizons, which is essential for their future development.

  I understand those students who follow fashions, but they must be responsible and not go to extremes. If their family is poor, there is no need for them to have such luxurious hobbies.

  初一英语作文 篇3

  My school life is very busy. In the morning, I get up at twenty to seven. I do morning exercises with my classmates everyday. After that, I read English for thirty minutes. I have breakfast at a quarter to eight. Then I have four classes. During the time, I can have a rest for forty minutes. I usually play with my good friends in the playground. At midday I have lunch at school’s dinning hall. There are many kinds of dishes there. They are delicious but I like potatoes best. In the afternoon, I have three classes.

  Then I have an activity lesson. I like playing badminton. I love my school. I have many good friends here. My teachers are amiable just like my friends. At Howell primary school, my life is full of joy and enrichment.


  初一英语作文 篇4

  After being involved in an accident, you were looked after by Mr. Guo Jing. Write an email to express your thanks.

  Dear Mr. Guo,Exactly one month ago, I was hit by a car while I was riding my bicycle along the third ring road in Beijing.

  Although I don’t remember what happened due to head injuries that occurred that day, I am told that you came to my assistance, called an ambulance, and went along to the hospital with me to make sure that I was OK. In addition to the memory loss of the day, I also had a broken rib, a broken leg, and a few broken teeth.

  Thanks to your kindness and bravery, the doctors were able to treat my injuries and are hopeful that I will recover fully in no time. Without your help, I may not be here today. I would like to extend my heartfelt gratitude.

  初一英语作文 篇5

  Getting to Know the World outside the Campus It is necessary for college students to know the world outside the campus. This is because in this “Information Age” the society is developing so fast that we should keep pace with the progress of the outside world. Therefore, without knowledge of the outside world, it will be difficult for us to secure an ideal job after graduation; it will be more difficult for us to succeed in the near future. How to know the outside world? First of all, we should be well informed about what is happening around us with the help of mass media: radios, televisions, newspapers, the Internet, and so on. Moreover, we should do more practical social services so as to cultivate our social skills, widen our eyesight and enrich our social experience.

  As for me, I plan to know the outside world in two aspects: study first to have a good command of knowledge. At the same time, I intend to hold a temporary job to know more about the outside world.

  初一英语作文 篇6

  Health is our most important possession, so we should do our best to maintain it. As we all know, good health is necessary to happiness and success. On the contrary, people who are in poor health are often pessimistic or depressed. As a rule, bad health means misery and failure.

  As far as Im concerned , there are three principal suggestions for us to follow. First of all, we should adopt a scientific diet, which provides the necessities for your body. The second one is that we are supposed to persist in taking physical exercise , especially the people working indoors. Last but not least, we are supposed to stay in a cheerful mood.

  As for me, in order to keep fit, I force myself to keep away from the junk food although it usually tastes good. Moreover, I even form good habits of doing morning exercises, listening to beautiful music and reading good books, which always cheer me up.

  All in all, only by carefully obeying the laws of health can we keep ourselves healthy.

  初一英语作文 篇7

  Welcome to our school. I would like to talk about two ways of study in our schol. The first way is to study in groups. When we study in groups,we can help each other.We can learn to listen to others and how to work together. Also, everyone can have chances to express his own ideas.

  The other way we like is to study by ourselves. We can make our own plans for study and learn to make good use of time. We can also learn to think by ourselves. And the most important thing is that we we can be the master of our own study Thanks for listening!

  初一英语作文 篇8

  Mobile Phone Obsession

  As the drawing presents, there is a man walking across the street absorbedly focusing on his cell phone without noticing the surroundings. This sort of phenomenon is not unmon and rare in some metropolis, especially among the youngsters.

  What the picture illustrates is the prevailing situation that has long existed in todays China. That is the mobile phone obsession. With the advent of information age, people are being

  increasingly fascinated on the electronic products, especially the cell phones. Not surprisingly, you could easily notice that most of us are obsessed in sending messages, playing online games with their mobile phones. It cannot be denied that this phenomenon may negatively impact the relationship among people, and therefore they will bee estranged and isolated.

  Personally, in view of the overuse of mobile phones, I hold that we individuals should raise the necessary awareness that good relationships are reinforced by sincere and face-to-face


  初一英语作文 篇9

  The Impact of the Internet on the Way People Communicate

  Due to the wide use of puters and the development of Internet, more and more people like to chat on the Internet. We tend to pay more attention to electronic munication than to face-to-face contact.

  As electronic munication is not limited by space, we can chat with others where there is Internet with our tools such as puters, mobile phones and pads. However, when we chat with others online, we cannot express our feelings fully. Just as the picture shows, the parents cannot touch or hug their child. We know that body language plays an important role in our

  munication, but the electronic munication cannot do this. For example, when we are sad, we need more love and warmth, a real hug from our parents or friends can mean much more to us than just words through electronic munication.

  Therefore, though electronic munication brings convenience to our life, I still don?t think the electronic munication can replace face-to-face contact.

  初一英语作文 篇10

  It has come to our notice that some of you have not submitted their final year projects which is very crucial at this moment because it determines whether you will graduate or not. In the previous years, we have had the same incidents and students usually come back to me crying when they find out that their name is not on the graduation list.

  The project will account for forty percent of your final grade and that is why it should be taken seriously. On that note the department has given out a deadline of 3rd august 20xx, if you do not have submitted your project by then, you will have to wait 1 academic year to graduate. You are all advised to submit your project before the due date as we do not want you to suffer when it comes to graduation. Thanks in advance.

  初一英语作文 篇11

  How to improve public morals




  How to improve public morals

  Nowadays there are still many behaviors against public morality, such as spitting or littering in public places, cutting in line, wasting water or electricity, and so on. One of the main reasons for these immoral behaviors is that some people have poor personal manners and lack public consciousness.

  Actually, the little things in many people’s eyes have brought harmful effects on our community. Above all, these immoral behaviors disturb social orders and weaken social stability. Moreover, when one violates public morality he not only impairs other’s interests but also dose harm to himself. For example, if most people buy pirated products, the original producers will suffer great loss and might lose the enthusiasm to continue their production, which in turn affects consumers.

  Taking the above effects into consideration, I think, it is high time that we took more effective measures to improve public morals. First of all, education plays a vital role. We must make them realize how their behaviors influence the society so they may follow public morals consciously. Besides, the government should improve the administration system and ensure the efficient implementation of the administration measures.

  初一英语作文 篇12

  Last summer, I went to Dalian for my holiday. This year I plan to spend my summer holiday on sports. If you ask me what my favorite summer holiday will be like, traveling around the world is the only answer. I like traveling so much that I often meet different people and visit different places of interest in my dream. I wish I could have two summer holidays in a year.


  温州度假 Wenzhou holiday

  Dear Nancy, Thanks for your letter. I’m glad to hear that you are going to travel to Wenzhou. Now I’d like to tell you something about Wenzhou. Wenzhou is in eastern China, and it is a beautiful city where the people are really friendly. There are many famous sights here, such as Yandang Mountains and Nanji Island. You could take a bus, train or plane here. It’s not very cold in winter and not very hot in summer, but I think it’s best to visit here in spring and autumn, because you can only pack light clothes. It’s near the ocean, so you can enjoy the delicious seafood. Also, I’d like to be your tour guide. I hope you’ll have a good time in Wenzhou!


  初一英语作文 篇13

  It is a serious phenomenon that a large number of college students in our country cannot talk with others in English or speak English fluently or correctly. What would result in this phenomenon and how can we solve this problem?

  As far as I am concerned, several reasons can account for this phenomenon and I would like to list some of them. First, lack of practice is the most important factor—most students in China do not pay enough attention to their oral English practice because they think they will not use it in their career frequently. Second, lack of the language environment is another reason. The majority of students in china will not be willing to speak English unless they are requested in class in that they will feel weird and uneasy if they use English to talk with others. In addition, some students are too shy and nervous to speak English fluently.

  Taking above general reasons into accounting, I would like to make some suggestions to avoid “mute English”. For one thing, to correct the attitude is the most important. Students have to adjust their attitude towards oral English so that they will have further motivation to practice it well. For another, practice is equally important. As the saying goes, “practice makes perfect”. Students should practice their oral English as much as possible. Only in this way can they get a satisfying result and avoid “mute English”.

  初一英语作文 篇14

  I love summer.There ia a summer vacation in summer.What I like to do best during the long summer vacation is to stay in my own little room and read. I love to read, but during the school year I could hardly find a free moment for reading. Endless assignments press down upon me like a mountain. I feel confined and imprisoned. Once the summer vacation comes, however, I have all the time in the world to read and read and read. I read everything I want to read. I read to my hearts content.

  I hate summer.In summer, the weather is hot, the air is humid, and the wind doesnt blow at all. In summer, everything seems tired——except the mosquito and the fly. They are everywhere. They bring diseases to people. No one likes to walk or work under the summer sun. Because the wicked sun will burn your skin. So the hot summer confines you to your room. Hot weather makes me drowsy and I cant study effectively. I hate summer. I wish it would go away quickly.

  All in all,summer is a season in every year.Of course,Ican adjust to summer.





  初一英语作文 篇15

  Your enthusiasm,your both hands, can help others;Your sincerity,your smile,can move others;Your compliment,your blessing,can reciprocate ,are all what you should use you are accepting othershelp all the time,you should reciprocate matter the friend or enemy, no matter the one that is familiar w-ith or strange one,whether he is a rich man or to be not to choose the target,choose time,choose the ,make others warm with heart of you ,go,help others with hand of you,go,persuade someone else with your is what you should should learn to pay,learns help,learn to long as everybody can do so both,this world will be a cradle that is full of loving,the earth is that one is full of warm collectives!Your enthusiasm,your both hands, can help others;Your sincerity,your smile,can move others;Your compliment,your blessing,can reciprocate ,are all what you should use you are accepting othershelp all the time,you should reciprocate matter the friend or enemy, no matter the one that is familiar w-ith or strange one,whether he is a rich man or to be not to choose the target,choose time,choose the ,make others warm with heart of you ,go,help others with hand of you,go,persuade someone else with your is what you should should learn to pay,learns help,learn to long as everybody can do so both,this world will be a cradle that is full of loving,the earth is that one is full of warm collectives!

  初一英语作文 篇16

  Since computers were invented many years ago, they have been inextricably linked with our daily life, which bring us much convenience and enjoyable can benefit a lot from this cutting-edge technology.

  In the workplace, computers are often used as a cost-effective tool for communication with colleges and customers and this function of computers is definitely irreplaceable by other kinds of online tionally, they are indeed necessities in the workplace, which are compatible with other office equipments, and they altogether beautify working environment surrounded by loads of files and documents.

  When it comes to family life, they can provide easy access to a tremendous amount of entertainments, such as blockbuster hits, cyber games and video still, they can also be utilized as the bridge of communication between family members, especially the ones living far away from us.

  However, there is a dark side to this online fraud and invasion of private information are the results of frequently-updated computer technologies, which adversely influence our daily on a large scale, their advantages outweigh the disadvantages.

  In conclusion, the most appropriate approach to this intractable problem is that we shoud use computers moderately and they should be used in a more sensible way.

  初一英语作文 篇17

  I have many friends, but one of them I like the most. We became friends since I began to go to school.

  He is gentle, but looks serious. He sometimes appears old but sometimes young. He is always intelligent, active, and alert.

  He is a man with abundant knowledge. He knows everything and studies nearly all the languages spoken by mankind. Moreover, his memory is remarkable. He remembers whatever has happened in the world. He is also a great teacher. He has taught thousands of young men. Therefore he has been and is known to everybody.

  He is my best teacher as well as my best friend. At first he taught me Chinese. When I was fifteen years of age, he began to teach me English and some sciences. This year he teaches me a new language called French.

  He is a patient man. Stupid as I am, he is never tired of teaching me. He continues to teach me until I am perfectly familiar with my lessons.

  His name is book, and he is most peoples friend. We become excellent and release our dream because of him.







  初一英语作文 篇18

  With rapid development of computer technology, making friends online has become a hotspot among people, and peoples views about it vary from individual to individual.

  As for me, I would like to make friends in the real life rather than make friends online. Firstly, it is a waste of time to spend too much time in chatting online, and we have no enough time in studying. Whats worse, it does great harm to our health. Secondly the Internet is virtual, and there are all kinds of people in the virtual world. We are likely to be cheated. As a consequence, it will do damage to our property and emotion. Last but not the least, the over-reliance on it will bring about psychological problems. For one thing, we will ignore our real parents and friends. Actually, we are becoming lonely. For another, we may avoid facing the fact.

  In a word, I dont think that it is wise to make friends online. As an old saying goes great minds think alike, friends are the people who share happy and sorrow with you, not only chat.




  初一英语作文 篇19

  A big uproar was created by Liu Xiang quitting the competition. If you go back to the history, in 2008, Beijing Olympic Games, Liu Xiang’s image took a battering when he pulled out of the game because of injury. But in 2012, the tragedy staged again. It is necessary that effective survey be taken to state the debate that if star athletes should pull themselves out of competition or hold on.

  The survey contains two options. The first option says: The star athletes should quit the competition when he gets hurt. Accounted for 34.77 percent of the total about 222292 peoples select it. The increase in tendency mainly is because that they think health is more important than money. If not, they would get more hurt. It would probably do ourselves more damage by playing than not.

  Meanwhile, accounted for 19.36 percent of the total about 123752 peoples claim that the star athletes should persist in the competition. Because of that the athletic field likes as same as the battlefield. It is necessary for all athletes concerned to abide by the rule of fighting responsibilities.

  Obviously, if we are blind to the problem that the athletes get hurt, the athletes will suffer more damages. So, in my opinion, don’t believe that insisting is really everything. It’s more important to stand for something. If you don’t stand for something, what do you insist?

  初一英语作文 篇20

  A pine tree stands on the barren hillside, and the wind is turned to destroy it. It does not destroy it. Its fearless poses, the green branches make people think of two words: self-improvement. A small grass root in the stone seam of the rock wall, the drought is hungry and constantly it is green, and the critical cliff is not destroyed.

  Its strong belief, the tough character of the toughness remends two words: Self-improvement. Self-strength is a kind of mighty and cant be moved, and the poor cannot be moved. Hungry, dare to hard hue hard, four two-two dial hard work. Self-strong hate, climbing is in the hands of the reins of the destiny, is honest by others, if the freedom is lost, just like the morning glory always loves to live on the fence, I dont know if the fence is collapsed. One cant lose. Self-reliability, it has a strong self-esteem, iron bones, and ratlets. Sometimes if the cattle should be wondered, it is difficult to do, no pain, there is no pain; sometimes despite the weak, there is also a heavenly heroic heroic and chest.